Super Students

Today we celebrate the success of three amazing Oaklands students. Samantha, Xanthe and Olivia were the recipients of awards from their netball prize giving held recently.

Samantha Woodgate

Received PLAYER OF THE YEAR for her Halswell Rugby League Netball Club -  Primary B team. 

Below is a direct quote as to why she received the Player of the Year award.

This young lady has contributed to the team at every level the most consistently each week from the very first game at which she earned Player of the Day. She was 100% committed to the team, trainings and games. She is a highly skilled player with a natural understanding of netball, and therefore plays with a low rate of error and infringement.  She was always eager to learn, and is an intelligent player, who right from the start added structure to our team’s games - in particular - in the goal circle.  She was a great communicator who led by example on court, showed top notch sportsmanship on and off the court, was always respectful of her team and coach, and overall an excellent member of our team.  She thoroughly deserves this award.

Xanthe Simpson 

Received the Baird Trophy for the Most Versatile player

Olivia Gobbie

Player of the Year - Primary C

Rebecca James

It is with great pleasure that we begin our SUPER STUDENT series for 2015 with a spotlight on REBECCA JAMES. Not only does she excel in basketball ( Pioneer AllStars team 2014) and softball ( as we can see below), Rebecca is a wonderful role model to others at school and is a strong leader.

Rebecca was asked to fill in for Canterbury Country Junior Girls Tournament at Boys High during the summer holidays as they only had 10 players and were in the finals. There were teams from all over the South Island. 

They played a team from Nelson and won the the final.  Rebecca's softball skills came to the fore front and saved plenty of runs.

Below is a photo of Rebecca receiving an MVP award last Sunday. She
was selected as one of the 'Stand Out' players for the Tournament Team
at the Canterbury Junior Softball tournament.

Rebecca's team placed second.

Way to go, Rebecca. Another example of Oaklands students being successful.

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